Offer of properties and lands for company





Properties and lands of company LEO GROUP COMPANY s.r.o are located in Trenčín region, district of Nové Mesto nad Váhom,  municipality Trenčianske Bohuslavice and cadastral area of Trenčianske Bohuslavice and Beckov.

Area of our company forms separate industry zone of municipality Trenčianske Bohuslavice.




In area are located:

- Water connection

- Well – supply water

- Sewerage

- Sewage tank

- Electric connection in 1. trafo capacity 1,26 MW

- Gas connection

- Optical cable


More: dump/processing of waste is 5 km from the area and our company provides for our tenants removal and closing sale of communal waste, 1. class road access is 0,1 km from the area, railway – international is 0,3 km from the area, airport – international is 25 km from the area, highway is 5 km from the area and waterway tranport is 100 km from the area.


Our company offers different types of lands and sizes too,  with road access with lighting and connections for engineering networks.




It is:

Parcel no. 1043/2 area 7 045 m2

Parcel no. 1043/11 area 35 160 m2

Parcel no. 2040/1 area 28 563 m2

Parcel no. 2040/8,9 area 1865 m2

Parcel no. 2132/5 area 1 175 m2

Parcel no. 2132/6 area 23 448 m2

Parcel no. 2132/8 area 185 m2

Parcel no. 2132/9 area 5 903 m2

Parcel no. 5120/1 area 5 835 m2

Parcel no. 5120/5 area 1 531 m2

Parcel no.1048/9 area 8 853 m2

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