Accommodation rules

Complaint Procedure
To ensure prompt and correct procedure for handling complaints of service in the accommodation complex LEO issued in accordance with relevant provisions of Law no. 250/2007 Z.z. Consumer Protection, as amended and the Civil Code of Procedure of the complaint:

Article I
The right to claim service
If the consumer finds that provided accommodation, respectively. related services have a defect that has is right to complain. If the consumer finds that the accommodation service, which was granted, has the defect, he must exercise their right to the head of the service or its agent without undue delay. His right shall lapse if not exercised within six months of service provision. Consumer must submit the document of stay in the hotel and document of pay for services.

Article II
Responsibility of the organization
If the consumer exercises his right of liability for defects in service, the operation manager, or a designated employee is obliged to decide on a professional assessment of the claim immediately. If you can not claim immediately or her service manager or a designated employee is not considered justified, the consumer is obliged to draw up a record of the complaint. The record must include indication of of the service, defects and requirement of the claim. Consumer receives a copy of the record.
If it is a complex case is to decide on the operation manager complaint within 3 working days. By this time does not include the time required for expert assessment of the defect. Complaint shall not exceed 30 days. After this period the consumer has the same rights as if it were a defect that can not be removed. The operator is required if the claim is not recognized within three working days to leave the service provided professionally assessed. The operator is obliged to send the request to the supervisory authority or show the result. If the consumer is not satisfied with the complaint, may invoke their rights in court.

Article III
Unrecoverable supply
Accommodation services
If it is not possible technical defects in the room allocated to the consumer to remove, and if the property can not provide the consumer with another accommodation and room will be leased by agreement, despite such defect, the consumer has the right to
a reasonable discount on the room,
cancel the contract and usually from overnight to a refund, if was already paid.

Article IV
Deadline for complaints
The consumer is obliged to enforce the claim without delay, by the end of the warranty period.

This complaint procedure is effective from 1 3.2010.

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