Accommodation rules

 1st The property can be accommodated only guest accommodation which is duly signed. For this purpose, the reception staff on arrival must see your ID card, passport or other valid ID in accordance with the Act č.135/82 Zb.z.. The guest must submit this card on request. This card is a guest on request, be required to submit.

2nd The property may, for operational reasons. offer other accommodation to guest than he originally agreed.

3rd Guests may stay after 14:00 o'clock. On the basis of property order is required to accommodate the guest by 17.00 hours and by that time and room for the guest book, unless otherwise specified in the order. Guest is logged out by 11:00 hours and at that time the room free. When the guest room is not released at that time, he charged property and stay for the next day. If a guest asks for the accommodation, the property offers him a different room.

4th There are special rooms for visits. Guest can receive visits only with agreement off staff after the registration in the visit book from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

5th First aid kit with basic equipment is available for guests at the reception.

6th In rooms and other spaces is not allowed to do any changes on equipment, repairs or any changes on electrical or other installation.

7th In hotel object, especilally in rooms is not allowed to use thier own eletrical or gas appliances. This inhibition does not aply to electrical appliances for personal hygiene (shaver, massage machine, hair dryer, etc.).

8th Smoking is stricly prohibited in rooms, corridors and social places. It is allowed only in special room.

9th Guests must be silent from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

10th Guest must turn off the water and lights, close windows. Guest must lock the door and give the key from his room on reception.

11th Opertaor is responsible for money, valuables and jewelry only if this things are stored in a safe on reception.

12th Guest must pay for services in accordance with actual price list. Price is paid in cash.

13th Guest must pay for all damages on hotel facilities in full price.
14th Operator can early ended guest´s stay if he does not follow the rules.
15th Guest can take complaints or improvements on reception.
This accommodation order is effective from 1 3.2010.


Marek Chudík

Enjoy your stay!


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